#1 Weight Loss Secret

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1 weight loss secret

When it comes to achieving your weight goals there are many resources that you can choose from. Different diets, exercise plans, supplements, and even drugs and surgery are abundantly available, and their use, make up the billion dollar health and weight loss industry.

Although many of these things can be considered useful tools in helping you achieve your weight goals, none of them possess the power necessary to fully obtain your goal.

The key to ultimate weight loss success and maintaining an ideal body image is not an exercise style, diet, or pill, but rather what goes on between your ears.

Think and Grow Skinny

One of the most famous personal development and business books of all time is Napoleon Hill’s, “Think and Grow Rich”. This book encourages the reader to adapt a mindset that they “are” who they desire to be. Instead of acting and identifying themselves in their current situation, readers are encouraged to act as if they had already achieved their desires goals.

By identifying with their desired success, individuals would then make decisions and perform actions consistent with that type of person. “Want to have a million dollars in the bank, then act like a person who has a million dollars in the bank.”

This same principle can be applied to our health and weight goals. When it comes to body image, most individuals have a negative identity about themselves.

I am willing to bet if you ask almost any woman about her physical physic, she will invariably describe something negative about herself. The truth is, the majority of individuals, men and women, don’t like what they see when standing naked in the mirror and, as a result, operate from a negative mindset about their physic instead of a positive one. It is this negative perspective, that most people carry, which “creates” their current weight and health status.

Brutal truth: Your current health and weight are 100% a result of your eating and exercise rituals.

If you are not happy with the way you look or feel, then your rituals must be changed.

When it comes to achieving your ideal weight you must first clearly identify what you desire. Simply saying, “I would like to lose a little weight” is NOT a compelling reason nor will it motivate you to achieve your goals.

You must visualize, imagine, and embody EXACTLY what you want to feel and look like. Emotions are the drivers to change and unless you can get emotional about why you want to change something, the chances are, you never will.

Also, don’t pick a vague or non-challenging goal. For instance, “I would like to be more toned” or “I would like to lose about 10lbs.” are NOT good challenging goals. Better choices would be “I want to be so freaking sexy that my physical presence is distracting to everyone.” or “I want to feel as alive and vibrant as I did the day of my wedding.”

These are much better choices because they elicit an emotion that will help you identify with them and motivate you to push through. When you identify yourself from the perspective of a vibrant sexy woman or a athletic strong man, your behavior will begin to change. You will start emulating how those individuals eat, sleep, and exercise.

See, physically fit men and women have very different rituals than those who are overweight. Avoiding certain foods and performing routine exercise is a MUST for them and not merely a want or a “good” idea.

Every day, we all achieve the MUSTs in our lives. There are a set of certain things, that no matter what, we get done.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day so, the individuals who achieve optimal weight and physique, spend their time a little different than those who find themselves overweight. Not until you add proper nutrition and exercise into your day as a MUST, will you ever achieve the weight goals you desire.

Routine is Stronger Than Willpower

I have written about willpower before and how, just like any muscle, it can only be flexed so often and hard. In other words, your willpower will never carry you to the finish line. All of us have moments of weakness and if we solely relied on willpower alone, we would probably never achieve anything of value.

What we must do instead is create rituals. We must condition ourselves to perform certain things despite how we feel. It is the culmination of these rituals that lead to the results that you desire.

For instance, if the only time for you to exercise is early in the morning, a good ritual would be to set your alarm, set out your sneakers and clothes the night before, and mentally accept the fact that you are going to the gym in the morning. When morning arrives, you immediately put on your clothes and get into the car. Despite how you felt when you woke up, simply having those items in place and the commitment to get into the car is a ritual which will lead you to great exercise success.

I fact, when one famous ballerina was asked how she had the discipline to train every morning for 20+ years, she stated that it wasn’t the disciple to train that led to her success but the routine of dressing and flagging a cab that led to her success. She explained that once she flagged the cab and was on the way, the training was going to happen regardless of how she felt.

I personally can relate to this story as well. Often, I do not want to workout when I get into my car to go to the gym but the very act of driving there triggers something inside me that motivates me to carry through. So creating a ritual to prepare for the gym is the secret to staying consistent in going to the gym.

It is much easier to be motivated to get into a car than it is to think about running or lifting weights.


One of the fundamental laws of attraction and tools to shift mindset, is to declare to yourself what you desire. We become what we think about most of the time.

If we are constantly telling ourselves that we are “fat, overweight, and big boned”, then guess what, you will continue to be fat, overweight, and big boned. Why, because you will continue to operate from that mindset.

If, however, we wake up every morning and tell ourselves that we are “physically fit, sexy, and healthy”, and then operate from that mindset, it won’t be long you will have achieved that reality.

Not because there is some “mystical” power that will transform you, but because you will constantly make the necessary choices and do the necessary work to achieve those outcomes.

When we feel good, confident, and sure of ourselves, we often treat ourselves with the respect we deserve. We put the right foods into our bodies and we perform activities that improve us.

On the other hand, if we are miserable about how we look and feel and we tell ourselves this is “just who we are”, then that is exactly how we will treat ourselves. We will indulge in poor nutrition and activities that add little value to our lives.

One of the best activities you can do every morning is declare positive affirmations about yourself.

For example: “I am healthy, sexy, and glad to be alive. My body is in perfect physical shape and I will support it by choosing only to put the very best food into it today. I will tone and strengthen my body with exercise so that I will continue to achieve my goal of optimal health. I love the way I look and feel and I will do nothing today to jeopardize this. I respect myself and I look forward to a fantastic day!”

I promise that if you repeat that to yourself every morning you will not be running downstairs for a donut or a desert coffee but instead, consciously make great decisions about your food all day long.

Action Steps

1. Identify exactly what you would like to look and feel like. The more detail the better.

2. Declare to yourself that you have achieved this goal every day.

3. Act as if you have already achieved this desired goal.

4. Create routines that will set you up for success in achieving that goal.

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