12 Million Americans are Making This Mistake—Are You One of Them?

by Dr. Tunis Hunt | Follow Him on Twitter HERE.

Do you want to make sure that you live a long healthy life free of heart disease? Do you currently have or know someone that is suffering from this diseases and You would like to know some great information concerning it…….. Then keep reading….

Unfortunately heart disease has become an epidemic in our society. Did you know that over over 80 Million people had heart disease in 2006. That is over 36% of the population!

The worst part about it is that it continues to rise regardless of the money and research that is put into it. The truth is that the most popular “treatment” for this disease is actually doing MORE harm than good.

The most common treatment is STATIN drug therapy and it will harm you more than help you!

Statins are designed to lower cholesterol. Cholesterol is believed to be the culprit for heart disease and stroke. So the thought is that by adding statins to your life, in order to reduce your cholesterol, you will decrease your prevalence of heart disease and death.

This seems logical enough, EXCEPT…..Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease!

If cholesterol was the CAUSE of heart disease why is it when an autopsy on a heart attack or stroke victim is performed only 50% of them have high cholesterol. If cholesterol was the culprit or precursor, wouldn’t 100% of victims have high cholesterol levels?

In reality, cholesterol is not the culprit but is ESSENTIAL for your body to function properly.

Cholesterol is a precursor to steroid hormones. For example, you can’t make testosterone or estrogen, cortisol, DHEA or pregnenolone, or a multitude of other steroid hormones that are necessary for health, without cholesterol.

Even more importantly, your cells cannot regenerate their membranes without it. The reason you have LDL to begin with is to transport the cholesterol to the tissues in order to make new cells and repair damaged ones.

Which brings me to another point…..There is no such thing as “good” cholesterol and “bad” cholesterol!

You may have heard lots of discussion concerning good and bad cholesterol. What “experts” like to claim is that your “good” cholesterol (HDL) should be high and that your “bad” cholesterol (LDL) should be low.

The truth is that HDL and LDL aren’t types of cholesterol at all. They are lipoproteins. High density lipoprotein (HDL) and low density lipoprotein (LDL) are proteins that transport the cholesterol to and from your tissues. Cholesterol is just, cholesterol, there is only one type and it is transported by both HDL and LDL and is why NEITHER level should be lowered too much.

There are however, different sizes of LDL particles, and the very small ones can easily get stuck in different areas which can cause inflammation, BUT statins do not modulate the size of the particles therefore making them irrelevant has a treatment option.

Statins, unfortunately cannot discern what kind of “cholesterol” HDL or LDL that it is lowering. In fact, statins are non-specific inhibitors of not just one, but a number of very important liver enzymes, on of the most important being Coenzyme Q10.

CoQ10 is a vital enzyme that your body needs for energy and cardiovascular health. It is widely recommend to repair heart damage, boost the function of the heart and acts as a protector against heart attacks and valve damage. So, not only is statins worthless in fighting heart disease, they actually are promoting it!

This is very concerning because over 12 million Americans are currently taking statins and 23 million “should” be taking them based on expert recommendations.

The truth is that only a very small percent of the population with genetic enzyme defects and cholesterol levels above 325-350 seem to benefit from statins.

Until recently, healthy cholesterol levels were calculated: (220+ your age). Today most doctors frown on you if your levels are higher than 180 and will “always” recommend a statin if it is above 200. Why the sudden change? Makes you wonder if there was any corporate influence?

If you want to stay healthy you must not concentrate so much on your cholesterol level but instead of the size of the lipoprotein. As I mentioned earlier, the very small LDL can cause the most havoc and should be lowered. The only way to make sure you LDL particles are large enough to not cause damage is through your diet.

If you eat properly your LDL will function properly by taking your cholesterol to your tissues, and then your HDL will return it to your liver and no plaque is formed.

If you truly want to normalize your cholesterol levels, following these simple lifestyle changes can get your there:

  1. Normalize your insulin levels by eliminating sugar and grains
  2. Take a high-quality animal-based omega-3 like fish oil
  3. Most men, and women who is in menopause, should check your iron levels as elevated levels of iron can cause major oxidative damage in the blood vessels, heart and other organs.
  4. Regular exercise

Again, statin drugs ARE NOT the weapon of choice for reducing heart disease and stroke. If you are currently taking a statin, please consider this information and look up these facts for yourself. Please at least consider supplementing with CoQ10. Also, if you know someone on statins please pass this information on to them as it may greatly benefit their lives.

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