End Your Hormonal Problems with the Correct Tests

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It is estimated that 80-95% of women have some kind of hormonal imbalance. Men, unfortunately are not much different with hormonal issues affecting 80% or so. In fact, in 2007 over 45 million prescriptions were written for hormone replacement therapy accounting for over 2 billion dollars in sales.

Despite the large amount of people being diagnosed and “treated” for these imbalances, the number of people affected continues to rise.

I believe this is true because in MOST instances the testing and “treatment” for these imbalances are completely wrong. In fact, the use of synthetic or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is creating MORE problems because they never address the “True” cause of the problem. In addition, new research is constantly being released exposing the dangers of hormone prescriptions.

Anyone that has studied the hormone cascade understands that the hormonal system is VERY complex.

Steroid Hormone Synthesis

It is very clear to see that many of the hormones are intertwined and work interdependently of one another. When a level of one hormone is altered it poses a threat to affect the levels of many others, and in many cases it does.

Simply throwing more hormones in this cascade is certain to create a BIGGER problem because of the effects that it will have on the other hormonal levels. This includes both synthetic AND bio-identical hormones!

It’s All Connected

We now understand that the endocrine system (hormonal) is a reactionary system. What this means is that the symptoms that are commonly manifested in this system are merely results of problems from other systems.

In fact, the nervous, gastrointestinal, and endocrine system are all intertwined. Each system has receptors and transmitters for each other which allow them to communicate.

Most hormonal symptoms are ACTUALLY results of problems in the nervous or gastrointestinal systems!

Most hormones are regulated by your pituitary which is regulated by your hypothalamus. Hormonal imbalances occur as a result of problems at either the pituitary or hypothalamus level. What this means is that by treating the hormone levels themselves, you are treating “down stream” of the actual problem.

For example: Let’s say we decided to clean up a local stream and we were successful at collecting all the trash. But, in the time it took us to dispose of the trash and return to the stream to enjoy our work, it was filled with trash again. So, we clean it up again only to return a second time to see it filled with trash again! How many times would we do this BEFORE we look UPSTREAM to find the source of the problem? Probably not very many.

Unfortunately, this is EXACTLY what most health practitioners do when treating hormonal issues. They repeatedly treat “down stream” instead of finding the source of the problem. They simply test your hormone levels and throw additional ones at it were deficiencies are discovered.

Sure, some of your symptoms MAY “go away”, but the TRUE problem is never addressed. Just like cleaning the stream will produce a beautiful result temporarily, but give it enough time and it’s filled with trash again!

You must find the CAUSE of your hormonal imbalances. To do this you must have the CORRECT tests performed. Unfortunately, a simple hormone panel will NOT do this for you. You need to have lab tests performed that will evaluate not only your hormones, but your nervous and gastrointestinal systems as well. Why?  Because they all affect one another!

Wrong Tests = Wrong Diagnosis & Treatment

I can’t tell you how many times a patient will enter with hormonal symptoms and when asked if their hormone levels have been checked they reply, “Yes, and my doctor said that they all look normal.” Upon further questioning it is often discovered that their doctor simply ran a hormone blood panel and that their results were within “normal limits”.

The problem with a simple blood hormone panel is that it allows too much room for “false” negatives. Many times, after running one of our recommended labs on an individual who was within “normal limits,” we find that, in fact, their hormones are NOT normal and need to be addressed.

A common example of this is with Estrogen levels. Most lab tests ONLY test for Estradiol (E2) and completely omit Estrone (E1) and Estriol (E3). Without looking at ALL three levels how can you truly know if someone’s estrogen levels are normal or not?

Another MAJOR problem, besides completely omitting two very important Estrogen levels, is that many lab tests don’t evaluate the Estrogen Metabolites.

Estradiol, produced by the ovaries, must be broken down and excreted out the body. Both, Estradiol and Estrone are broken down in the liver and produce metabolites through a process called Hydroxylation. The parent Estrogen is transformed by the addition of an hydroxyl (OH) group.

Why is measuring these metabolites important? Because we know that certain levels of these metabolites are indicators of serious diseases such as CANCER!

A high level of 16a-hydroxyestrone (16a-OHE1), for example, generally represents a non-beneficial shift in estrogen metabolism. Elevations of this metabolite may be associated with increased risk of lupus, breast cancer, and other estrogen-dependent diseases.

Another example is low levels of 2-methoxyestrone (2-MeOE1) which indicate a higher risks for cancer because of its potent antioxidant and anticancer properties.

With all of this useful, LIFE SAVING information derived from measuring these metabolite levels, why don’t doctors order tests that measure them?

This is why so many women and men walk around with hormonal issues and precancerous risks without even knowing about it. They had the WRONG tests ran on them and told “everything is fine.” when in reality it is just a matter of time before they are diagnosed with a chronic or life threatening disease. Of coarse, they will simply be told that “we caught it too late” when in reality it could have possibly been avoided if only the right testing were performed.

This is why it is VERY IMPORTANT if you or your family has a history of estrogen dominant cancers, YOU must make sure you are getting these metabolites tested. Knowing these levels and working with a qualified health care practitioner is essential to protecting you from these diseases.

This is why we offer our patients the very best and complete lab tests available. We have teamed up with the best diagnostic companies so that we can provide our clients with the proper tests to uncover their underlying conditions.

This allows us to work with our clients in addressing the cause of their problems verses simply covering up their symptoms. As I mentioned earlier, addressing hormonal problems is much more difficult than simply throwing more hormones in the mix. In most cases supporting the nervous or gastrointestinal system is also required to experience “true” hormone balance.

If you or someone you know is tirelessly medicating and suffering from hormonal issues, there is hope. Locate a healthcare provider that will run the correct labs and give you real treatment options that will not only eliminate your symptoms but address the true underlying cause.

We help people all over the world identify and address the underlying causes of their symptoms. We achieve this through the use of phone consultations, email and Skype.

If you or someone you know would like to learn how our unique and Total approach to health may be the answer you’ve been searching for Click HERE! Or simply call our office at (704) 588-1792.

About the Author: Dr. Tunis Hunt Jr is a chiropractor and wellness adviser specializing in nutrition, chiropractic, and weight loss.  In addition to serving his clients, Dr. Hunt lectures and educates the public on nutrition and health based information, as well as, is a contributing author to several publications and websites.  To reach Dr. Hunt for questions and comments or to schedule him to speak to your group or company please call 704-588-1792 or email him. www.HuntForWellness.com

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