Halloween “tricks” to reduce the flu this year!

by Dr. Tunis Hunt | Follow Him on Twitter HERE.

Halloween is just around the corner and if your kids are anything like mine they are not only excited about putting on their costumes but also the amount of candy that they get.

Approximately 598 million pounds or $1.9 billions worth of candy  is sold during the Halloween season and nearly 90 million pounds of the candy sold during Halloween week is chocolate.

I am always amazed at the amount of candy my kids can collect in a two block radius in approximately 45 minutes.  In fact, in years past I would have to assist them in carrying their bags due to the weight of all the candy!

Now, those of you who know me may be wondering what we do with all of the candy that our kids collect?  And although we have a strict policy in our household of no candy with sugar and artificial colors, at Halloween we bend the rules slightly.  What?  You want me to be an “uncool” dad?!?

Many of you know, sugar is one of the most detrimental things you can put into you body.  Its overconsumption has been linked to many diseases and disorders.  In fact, the more you consume of it the weaker your immune system becomes.

This point is an important one to remember.  Every year at this time, in addition to costumes and candy, we have the beginning of the FLU season.

Have you ever thought about this?  It makes perfect sense if you think about it.  We give kids TONS of candy, parade them around in costumes in cool weather, and allow them to stay up late.  No wonder so many kids get the flu the first couple of weeks of November!

As I mentioned, I allow my kids to eat candy on Halloween.  But here’s the deal, they can eat it that night but we get rid of the rest when they go to bed.  One night of immune system abuse is all they get!

Unfortunately, many kids continue to eat candy everyday until their supply is gone.  This daily consumption of sugar weakens their immune system and sets them up for sickness and the flu.  About the time they are done with all of their candy, Thanksgiving is here with a whole new supply of baked goods and other treats.  And you know what comes after Thanksgiving, 4 weeks of Holiday candies and goodies!

Is it really any surprise that so many people are sick during the month of January?

This year, one of the best things you can do to reduce the likelihood of your child getting the flu is LIMIT their sugar consumption.  Allow them to have a good time, but do them a favor and restrict their candy supply.

In addition to reducing the amount of sugar your child consumes this year, supplying them with the proper vitamins and nutrients is also key in preventing the flu.  We make sure our kids get extra vitamins leading up to Halloween so their immune system is in “tip top” shape during the candy onslaught.

Halloween can be fun and eating candy is always a treat.  Don’t let it however, be a detriment to your child’s health.  Restrict their sugar consumption this year and enjoy a flu-less season.


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