Is there such a thing as healthy candy?

by Dr. Tunis Hunt | Follow Him on Twitter HERE.

During the Fall with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, there seems to be an abundant supply of desserts and candy.  Everywhere you go someone is giving away some sort of sweet delicacy.

As you can imagine, all of this sweet indulgence is not the most healthy thing for your health.  The onslaught of sugar impairs your immune system and often leads to myriad of symptoms including the dreaded flu.

But is all candy bad for you?  Certainly there must be some sort of sweet treat that actually has some health benefits?

Well, there is!

Chocolate can actually be healthy for you!

There have been several studies throughout the years that has proven the health benefits of Chocolate.  A 2005 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study showed that dark chocolate has antioxidant properties and can help fight off diseases, improve insulin handling, and lower blood pressure.

Numerous other studies have discovered similar outcomes including a John Hopkins study that showed individuals who ate chocolate had less platelet waste in their urine and their blood clotted more slowly than samples taken from non-chocolate eating patients.

Now, before you go crazy and drink the bottle of Hersey’s syrup let me explain.

Not all chocolate is created equal.  In fact, the majority of the chocolate on the market does not have any health benefits and will wreak havoc on your health.  The type of chocolate that does have health benefits, however, is Dark Chocolate.

This is very important to understand.  Most chocolate on the market is loaded with sugar and  processed which results in the loss a the majority of the health benefits associated with it.  In addition, when you add milk to the chocolate you cancel out the antioxidant effects.

Only minimally processed Dark Chocolate retains the health benefits of the cocoa.

Another note to mention is that DO NOT eat chocolate if you are sick or unhealthy.  If you are struggling with your health or if you are fighting a cold or flu, do not eat chocolate.  Even healthy organic dark chocolate contains sugar and the last thing your body needs is sugar.

Also, only eat Dark Chocolate in MODERATION.  Eating a small piece at a time and savoring it vs. woofing it down is the best practice.  I personally eat a small piece most evenings after dinner.  I buy a 85% dark organic chocolate bar and break a small piece of it each night.

Eating sweets can not only be fun but have health benefits as well.  Choosing the right type of  sweets is the key, as well as, eating them in moderation.

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