Optimize Your Health With These Great Resources!

Let’s Face it, eating healthy can be challenging! This is one of our favorite sites to find great food ideas and recipes that will maximize your health. This site is a great complement to the 21st Century Health & Weight Optimization Guide that we offer at our office! Check out the site!

With all of the toxins plaguing our water and environment, many people are concerned about eating seafood. Worried about levels of Mercury, many people forgo eating many types of fish. Unfortunately, fish are a great source of nutrition and are loaded with vital omega-3 oil.

We’ve found the perfect solution! Vital Choice is a great source of fresh, clean seafood straight from the Alaskan waters. And the best part, it’s delivered straight to your door. Check out Vital Choice today!

This is a great Gluten Free resource. If you are gluten intolerant or choose to limit your gluten consumption, Elana’s Pantry is a great resource for you! Check it out Today!

Get the latest on health and nutrition with the #1 health newsletter in the world! Mercola.com is a great source of valuable health information and products. Check it out today!

One of the most difficult obstacles about eating healthy is a good source of products. Earth Fare is the perfect store for those individuals who desire to eat well and live well.

In addition to offering 1000’s of nutritional products, Earth Fare has all the lifestyle products that you need to live healthy. Check out Earth Fare Today!

Some of the most nutritious food available is grass fed beef. It is loaded with essential nutrients and the best omega-3 to omega-6 ratios available. Conventional farming has damaged our meat supply and is one of the leading causes to the chronic inflammation plaguing our country. Grass fed beef, however, is a vital part of healthy living.

Baucom’ Best is one of the most reputable sources of grass fed beef available. Check out Baucom’s Best Today!

Some of the most toxic things that you are exposed to is your own bath and beauty products!

Did you know that MOST of the cosmetics that you are using are not even tested for safety and are loaded with harmful chemicals? Skin Deep is a fantastic resource for anyone who is concerned about their health.

Skin Deep is a working data base of all the most popular cosmetics and other hygiene supplies and informs you of the dangers and safety of each product. Check out your products today and see if you are harming yourself and your family.

Another great source of healthy products! From coconut oil to coconut flour, this site has tons of great healthy products to add to your family’s eating plan.

Want to stay up to date with the latest health information! This is a great site for doing just that. Loaded with great articles, videos, and reports on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle, this is a site you will want to check out!

Are you sensitive to food allergies or gluten intolerance? We’ve found the perfect treat for you! The Thoughtful Baker is a allergen/gluten Free bakery that can create amazing sweets and other foods for you and your family. Never worry again about having that special treat for your children or yourself. Check out the Thoughtful Baker Today!

Are you lactose intolerant? Did you know many lactose intolerant individuals can drink Real Milk! That’s right, raw milk from grass fed cows can actually be tolerated by almost anyone. Pasteurized milk eliminates some of the “good” bacteria including lactase, which is required to break down lactose and results in many people’s inability to tolerate it.

Raw milk is safe and delicious! A great resource is RealMilk.com, for it will identify great raw milk sources in your area. Check it out today!

One of the underlying causes of many diseases is poor digestion.

Did you know that MOST people have an overgrowth of yeast in their gastrointestinal tract? That’s right, many of the chronic symptoms that you may be suffering from could be a direct result of yeast overgrowth.

Eliminating yeast from your diet is the best way to help your body heal. TheYeastDiet.com is the best website that we have found to support those who wish to have a yeast free diet. Complete with recipes and food lists this is a perfect resource to help you achieve success with this type of diet. Check it out Today!
Since 1951, Honeyville Farms has been an innovator and leader in the food industry taking Nature‚Äôs Best and Sealing it Fresh! This is a great site to buy many of the “healing diet” flours and other materials. Check it out Today!
Another great resource to buy your organic and specialty items! This store has it all from local grass-fed beef to xylitol by the gallon. Get all your “healing diet” ingredients here.